Probably only in a world of the blind will things be what they truly are” (José Saramago)

We often talk about “blindness” referring to the inability of seeing through the eyes, however the act of seeing cannot be reduced exclusively to a simple recording action. “Seeing” also means becoming aware of reality through a process that goes from the acquisition of an image to its decoding and attribution of a meaning. The inability of seeing encompasses dramatic and relevant meanings both on an individual and on a social level. Emotional blindness represents a disavowal of personal emotions and can later evolve into emotional illiteracy, with serious consequences for the individual. Social blindness represents an extreme form of defence against anything that may upset a state of mental balance; it is realized through individual or collective actions aimed at filtering and modifying information, resulting in a complete closure towards anything that appears as a threat to the individual, society and social and political systems. Maintaining a clear vision represents a challenge, in which the only certainty is determined by truth, which is what makes us free to accept ourselves and others without a game of projections or idealisations.

Spazio Fujifilm

Palazzo Penna | Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March

Time: Saturday from 10 to 18 | Sunday from 10 to 16

Fujifilm will be present with its own space in which you can learn about all the products part of the System X and used by numerous photographers worldwide. Fujifilm staff, in fact, will be present and available to try the products and make known their peculiarities, answering all questions on the system X and giving advice on the best techniques to use .

Inaugurazione 2016


Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, h. 18

Presentazione del Festival, aperture mostre


PSPF BOOK | 12.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo  ore 17-19

Oltre l’immagine. Inconscio e fotografia

Aliprandi | Belgiojoso | Calò | D’Ercole | Gusmani


aperitivo al buio

PSPF | 16.03.2016

Aperitivo al buio 

In collaborazione con l’Associazione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti – Sezione Perugia



pspf book

PSPF BOOK | 18.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, ore 17-19

Gioele: quaderno del tempo libero

Fabio Moscatelli

pspf book

PSPF TALK | 19 e 20.03.2016

Sangallo Palace Hotel, Perugia

Experiencing photography #4

Usare le fotografie per migliorare il benessere e ridurre l’esclusione sociale

pspf book

PSPF TALK | 22.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, ore 17-19

Percorso informale di educazione alla fotografia: dal digitale alla pinhole

Massimo Agus


PSPF BOOK | 12.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo  ore 11-13

Il mondo che non vedo. Ciechi e fotografia

Simona Galbiati



PSPF TALK | 13.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo  ore 11-13

Cecità sociale. Il ruolo dell’informazione e della comunicazione

G. Foschi | R. Ferri | L. De Pace | A. Bini


PSPF TALK | 17.03.2016

Sala dei Notari, ore 17-19

Lectio Magistralis

Letizia Battaglia


PSPF NIGHT | 18.03.2016

Cinema Postmodernissimo, Via del Carmine 4, ore 20

Presentazione documentario “Cronica21”  

DOCField Festival | Barcellona


PSPF LAB | 19.03.2016

Sangallo Palace Hotel, Perugia

Experiencing photography | Spazio Lab

PSPF TALK | 24.03.2016

PSPF TALK | 24.03.2016

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, ore 17-19

Rare Lives – Il significato di vivere una vita rara

Aldo Soligno | Nicola Spinelli Casacchia | Prof. Bruno Dallapiccola | Serena Bartazzati