Announcing the PhotoTherapy Centre’s  new  6-day Certificate Training Course in Perugia, Italy — in collaboration with the Perugia Social Photo Fest,

7 to 9 p.m. Sunday, November 23   and   9 a.m. to  6 p.m. Mon-Sat., November 24-29.

This 6-day Certificate Training Course, taught by Canadian Psychologist and Art Therapist Judy Weiser (considered the world authority on “PhotoTherapy Techniques“) is an intensive training experience for advanced mental health professionals to learn how to use clients’ own personal snapshots and family photographs (and interactions with these) to improve their therapy or counseling practice.

Experience for yourself how the emotional information that “lives inside” personal and family snapshots (and pictures taken by others), is much more important than the visual details shown on their surfaces — and how this knowledge can be used to help clients in powerful yet safe ways that words (or inner self-reflection) alone simply cannot do.

Be trained in the skills that help clients benefit from exploring the “why” of the photographs that people take, appear in, pose for, remember, imagine, and choose to keep (or not!).

Learn through slide- and video-illustrated presentations (including case-illustrations), demonstration role-plays and numerous experiential practice sessions with your own (and other people’s) photos — under Weiser’s direct supervision — exploring how photos create meaning, evoke feelings, create thoughts, hold secrets, trigger memories, create personal and family narratives, illustrate family systems dynamics, project inner values, reflect judgments and expectations, and share information, while telling their own stories their way — and how to effectively and successfully incorporate both active and reflective photo-based techniques into your own therapeutic practice.

Open only to advance-level therapists and related mental health professionals who have completed:

1) postgraduate education (and supervised training) in a mental health profession —
who have had at least 2 years’ experience conducting individual therapy with their own clients.

A few other participants (for example, advance-level graduate students or newly-trained therapists) might possibly be permitted to attend as “observers”  (but not as “trainees“)  —

Please contact Weiser directly for more information about this.

Registration is being limited to no more than 18 people in order to provide a very intensive quality small-group experience for participants — after that, a wait-list will be established for priority registration for the next Training.

Important:   This Workshop is for the purpose of professional training, not personal therapand it will be taught entirely in English, with NO  translation into Italian

Prior experience with cameras or photographic art is not required

COST:  749*  if paid before October 15, 2014  and  789* if paid on or after October 15, 2014

(link to payment page will be sent with Acceptance letter IF you are approved to participate)

*Note:  If the EU/CAD exchange rate incurs a serious adjustment by October, these rates will need to be re-calibrated

CEU/CEC Credits will be available from US (NBCC) and Canadian (CPA) CEC Providers for the extra fee of $25 each, paid at end of final day; ECM Credits are being applied for.


 →  For more details about the Workshop, please contact Judy Weiser at:

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