“The average woman”

No  one is perfect, so everyone has something the others do not have, is an individual lack. Yet being together, you borrow gestures and traits, quirks, characteristics and nuances in behavior, attitude towards the others, thinking. So it may happen that some of our lag is intercepted by those around us. In some ways you can tune in. We had the opportunity to photograph eight girls, a group of friends who came to us to be portrayed. Then we made ​​a first attempt. After having photographed them individually, we have started to work around a single image. Then we put their faces one on top the other. The result is this: a blur blurs boundaries and features as it shows the truth of a face that does not exist but yet it’s there, looking at us with a deep   and charming look. The average woman.
Seeing  it while coming out was a thrill. A kind of magic that makes you truly hope to   meet her on the street and talk to her, yet  knowing it would remain a mystery. We did the same thing with eight men, and the feeling is always the same. Well, this overlap of naked faces, defenseless, open and free of poses, with their flaws and their peculiarities, has given rise to a new face where all   faces hide and each, in its own beauty, is revealed both to us and to himself.