FAUSTO PODAVINI – Reportage: photography storytelling

“Open Space For Arts” – Via dei Priori n.77

The workshop is designed for all those who want to improve the design and realization phase of  a photographic, as well as for  those who simply want to experience photography as storytelling project. The workshop will address issues related to the design and realization of a daily life photographic work. Through the analysis and discussion of participants’ works and portfolio, the workshop will address the concept of a photographic story, both theoretically and practically: how to realize a reportage from A to Z. A brief history of photography and the analysis of photographic works that have marked the history of photojournalism will be treated. The workshop will also provide a practical part, by assigning a theme to work on at least ten days prior to the workshop itself (Information on this will be given via email to subscribers). The results will be discussed during the workshop.

When: 23 e 24 NOVEMBRE  2013 – h.10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00
COST: € 150,00
availability: 15 persons max