“Pretty as a picture”

Pretty as a Picture, photo exhibition, is the fruit of a series of social and phototherapeutic workshops, conducted by Emilie Danchin with a group of Muslims immigrant women at the WIELS, Centre of Contemporary Art. Based in a “difficult” area of Brussels downtown, the WIELS plays a strong cultural mediation role interrelating with inhabitants and associations.

Emilie bounced on the WIELS proposal with a phototherapeutic project on the subject of feminine identity through self-image. She guided the women in a playful and imaginative self-reflection through objects, drawings, photographs, stories and corporal postures of their lives as women. “Here at the WIELS, we do things we didn’t imagine we were able to do. It’s always like that: you just need to meet somebody who lights the way and you can do it ! We’ve learned to give value to our pictures. Now, when I look at a picture, I do like Emilie does. I read the face on the picture, the emotions…Now, it’s us the artists ! ” Hakima, participant.