The Social Photo Fest was born in 2012 with the collaboration between Piombino’s SocialPhotoFest Association and the LuceGrigia Association of Perugia, thus creating a Tuscan edition in May and an Umbrian one in November.


In 2013, the LuceGrigia Association, following its mission of promoting social action through cultural and visual communication, proposed Perugia Social Photo Fest.
Our goal is to create an annual event that for its goal makes Perugia and Umbria the meeting point for people, organizations, artists, experts in social and therapeutic photography — and the starting point for exploring new design, thanks to the inclusion of the Festival, and its activities, in a network of relationships and collaborations on a national and international scale.

We want to open ourselves to as broad a number and range of people as possible because we believe that social diversity and life experience are riches that are more fruitful if shared.

The purpose of the event is to concretize a round table of social and therapeutic photography, open to both experts and non-experts, around which anyone can sit, converse, understand and learn, and then create an exchange of energies, knowledge and experiences.

We want to make this trip together with you … please join us!


Artistic Direction Antonello Turchetti
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Organization Antonello Turchetti

Arianna Bellocchi

Barbara Bracaglia

Silvia Fedon

Chiara Franceschelli

Stefania Pascolini

Web designer Daniele Felicetti
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Barbara Bracaglia

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