Fracture zone: Afghanistan

There are places and moments in History which represent fault lines from the human, social, and economic point of view. For a great deal of its history, Afghanistanhas been one of these lines. This is a photographic project that tells the story of the people living along these fault lines, starting from Afghani people who are slowly re-building the future of their country. From Mary Akrami, activist for women rights and founder of the first shelter for women victim of violence, to Freshna Karimi who provides free legal counseling to those women who decide to subvert cultural logics that compress their rights. The project tells the story of those who teach in a girl school of the Ghor area, trying to convince families that an educated girl is not a girl; or the story of those who train to remove from fields the numerous mines that still kill many innocent people. But it also tells the story of young Afghani soldiers, who enlist themselves in the army only to defend their country (and not many people know that most of victims are Afghani soldiers), leaving behind a condition of analphabetism, poverty, and cultural submission to the Taliban regime.