“Distant & Close”

Special jury prize “Call for Entry” 2016

This work marks the beginning of my research of the capabilities photography has in regard to showing something not visible to the eye, but existing in reality nonetheless. Take relationships, for instance. Relationships are something ephemeral, it’s not so simple to come, see how they look like and shoot them. Even more so, when it comes to your own family and the relationships within it.

I think that the nature of family relationships is dual. In fact, vulnerability is often the flip-side of human intimacy. Why is it so? Is it an implication of the minimal distance between people?

Maybe the reason is that home is a place where we feel secure, become open and ergo guardless/ vulnerable?

The search for answers to these questions became the core emotional motive of the Distant and Close story. In a sense, this work can be named therapeutic, since it helped me to live through a difficult time in terms of family relationships. The necessity to analyze my own family reality enabled me to distance myself in regard to it, to become a researcher rather than an immediate participant of the events.

The most difficult thing was deciding to show ourselves and the things happening among us as I really see them. It’s not so much about deciding to have my own point of view, but rather about choosing to make it public. Becoming open means becoming vulnerable. When I went ahead after all, it’s more like something contrary happened. I felt more powerful and protected now that I’ve managed to look my own truth in the eye.