Still running. Tales about women, motherhood and photography

Palazzo Penna – Apollo Room – h. 18-20

Free entrance


Tiziana Luciani Psychoterapist and author of the book “E corrono ancora – storie italiane di donne selvagge” (Still running – Italian takes of wild women) 
Gisella Congia   Presentation fo the project “Chiaroscuri nella maternità”  (Chiaroscuro in motherhood)
Giovanni Presutti andClaudia Ravaldi psychiatrist psychotherapist Presentation of the project  “Piccoli principi” (Small Princes)
Camilla Urso   Presentation of the project “Esilio – Genealogia della madre” (Exile – Genealogy of the Mother)

In a woman’s life motherhood represents a time of deep changes at all levels: physical, mental, psychological and relational ones. Photography as a tool to investigate difficulties and experiences associated with it.