Lectio Magistralis | Letizia Battaglia

Sala dei Notari  –  h. 17-19

Moderator Andrea Cernicchi

Free entrance

Lecture by Letizia Battaglia, a Sicilian photographer, memorable collaborator of L’Ora, newspaper of Palermo. One of the most daring and committed Italian photographers, Letizia Battaglia for thirty years photographed her homeland, Sicily, with raw and painful black and white pictures, condemning the mafia activities and the repeated attacks on civil society. As manager of photographic services L’Ora di Palermo has created some of the most courageous and incisive reportage. Over the years she served civil causes: women’s issues, environmental issues, the rights of prisoners. Thanks to this commitment she earned by many awards, including the prize “W. Eugene Smith “for social photography (1985), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (2007) or the Cornell Capa Infinity Award in New York (2009), to mention only some of the most prestigious. The photographer from Palermo has always described photography as “document”, “interpretation” and “much more”. “I lived photography as water in which I immersed myself, I washed and purified – writes in the preface of” Diary “, her latest book published by Castelvecchi – I experienced photography as salvation and truth.” Among her photo, it’s worth mentioning the one a young Sergio Mattarella (President of Italy) who holds in his arms the brother just killed.