“In Progress”

In Progress is the status of the arts: a series of snapshots on the formal aesthetics of the phenomena related to progress and evolution of the earth. Seen from above, through a modern tool like Google Earth, our planet clearly shows the face of man’s intervention and climate change that will lead future generations to adapt to a different life. The Progress here gains an almost absolute authenticity. The author uses the possibility of progress as a technical and expressive means and the images sometimes become painting, sometimes electronic boards.
In Progress shows us that modernity and progress can deliberately move us away from the events, as in the case of the Amazon tragedy. The disaster, the death of forests and animals, pain and danger, all turned into bundles of lines and indifferent shapes. These works are testifying a fact, fixing a reality and magically transforming it into a chip, by a single “click”.
In a way, this series of photos is a direct chronicle from territories where the real is intertwined with the virtual, losing its power to incite sharp and deep emotions. Here the progress turns into a miniature its most important task: to free us from the discomfort. The progress numbs the souls that should hurt, to protect life. Similarly these polaroids are the starting point from which anyone can check – from within the comfortable home- the work in progress of the phenomena that will change the face of our planet.
Maria Smirnova