“The waiting room”

Sud Caucaso

February 2013

In 1915, thousands of Armenians left their country to seek refuge in Syria, because of the Ottoman persecution. Almost a hundred years later their descendants are again forced to flee. With the outbreak of civil war in Syria this time they  sought for protection in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, the lands of their ancestors. The governments of the two countries have adopted a number of facilities for the refugees at  bureaucratic level, living conditions and education. In 2012 they opened a school entirely Syrian, with texts and lessons in Arabic. At the moment  the whole South Caucasus counts around 6000 Armenian-Syrian. Most of them experienced a situation of immobility, waiting to figure out what to do about their future. The difficulty in finding employment is even more discouraging.   Raffi, unemployed for more than six months, even thinks about returning to Syria, despite the war. In Aleppo Moses assisted to the destruction of  his textile factory which employed  almost three hundred workers. Now he is trying to open a small sandwich shop in the center of Yerevan. Nanor would go back to his profession of interior designer. Aline  hopes to return in Aleppo without the war. But in the meanwhile, seen the current employment problems, is planning to move to Beirut. The Krpoyan family has almost finished the  savings and has no idea about  how to survive. These people cannot  not find peace. Crushed by religious and economic fanaticism,  past and present.