The SPAZIOFF is a container of the most innovative and significant photographic projects by emerging Italian photographers. A feminine look at contemporary photography. The project is by Efrem Raimondi. Famous for his portraits, Efrem Raimondi is today considered among the most visionary and influential photographers in the Italian scene.

by Efrem Raimondi

Absolutely feminine.
Although I don’t like gender definitions, absolutely feminine.
Because I was looking for a strong dystonia.
Not conciliatory.
With different tones but clearly on the run.
Away! Definitely elsewhere. Without compromises.
Almost a rejection.
And a look.
Ironic, anachronistic, dreamlike, punk, intimist, light, suspended. All different.
All the same: determined. And with a big smile.
blured beyond the iconic surface. Which becomes armor.
And I understand them …
It’s enough to stay still – very still – and watch. You do not need anything else.
Cinzia Aze, Elisa Biagi, Lisa Ci, Dana de Luca, Iara Di Stefano, Benedetta Falugi, Sophie-Anne Herin, Laura Lomuscio, Irene Maiellaro, Tiziana Nanni, Paola Rossi.
They wrote the texts that accompany the individual works.
With someone, I insisted.
But at the end there is everything.

The SPAZIOFF is at Officine Fratti Creative Space (Via Fratti, Perugia)

Weekly opening (from Monday to Friday) from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Free entrance

Cinzia Aze


The Collaze are collages on ‘wrong’ Polaroid.

The new images that appear on Polaroid are born from the fusion of clippings from vintage magazine, various brochures, and art books, to which various mediums are combined: acrylic colors, gauze, staples, etc. Through the collage, appear on the analogue support new false photographs, born without the help of the camera.

Elisa Biagi

Emersione, 2016

from the series Lasciapassare – live the moving border.

The landscape, the memory, the border. “Lasciapassare” is a personal gaze, non-exhaustive, absolutely actual, at the state of things. Lasciapassare is a frontier, the place where the other is facing us, the limit that marks the possibility of facing each other beyond one’s own belonging, one’s own ideology, one’s own culture.

Lisa Ci

Ma dentro voliamo via, 2016

“It does not matter if all the beauties of the world are somewhere else …”

On the dirt track of this small theater actors, horses, birds, oxen and other animals, without absolute truths, simply alive. A dozen black and white images in which the physical identity is deformed by the shadow, while something dark can happen, able to relate the surface of reality with past emotions. Life does not require a grandiose stage to play its part.

Dana de Luca

La petite mort

What pornography is really about, ultimately, isn’t sex but death. (Susan Sontag)

“La petite mort”, the little death, is a metaphor of the French language to define that spiritual release, that state of self-oblivion that follows an orgasm; that brief period of melancholy or “transcendence” that occurs following the expulsion of the life force (scientifically explained through the release of oxytocin during the culminating moment).

Iara Di Stefano

Qualcuno una volta mi ha ricordato

These photographs are part of the series “Someone once reminded me”. He remembered me. And also, something. For this occasion, Terry Gilliam reminded me that “everyone considers me a dreamer with his head in the clouds, and that’s fine. But I can recognize reality: here it is, it is that sitting there at the back. I’m not saying I want to go for lunch together, but if I have to … ”

Benedetta Falugi

Diary (2009/2016)

I have been asked to write two lines on this series, and as always, when this happens, unless I have a specific project, I am in crisis. The Diary series is called in that way because it is, in fact, a sort of personal diary, written with images instead of words. The photos certainly offer images of the places that surround me and I love together with people (unaware strangers) who more or less accidentally belong to it; but it’s mostly me, my mood, my memories, my emotions.

Sophie-Anne Herin

La plongée

The plongée is a metaphorical journey, an immersion of the man in its darkest part, in the black night, the transition from a verticality to a horizontality, the crossing of a disorientation, the encounter with the fear, but also the opening to a new landscape and the return to the air, which will no longer be the same.

Laura Lomuscio

Sogno I – Francesca, 2016

“Man has two eyes to see, woman two eyes to be seen”. As terrible as fascinating, this Chinese proverb leads to reflection: photograph a face is not to highlight the gaze while you make it exist? However: what about the dream? Nothing that it has been seen. From the project “Sono dove sogno” (I am where I dream).

Irene Maiellaro

Senza titolo

One of the photographic languages that I have always investigated is the “blurry” because it belongs to me completely. Once I told myself that I must be photographed in the movement because it is the perfect mirror of the hyperactivity that distinguishes me. It gives me back the dilation of my image and at the same time, the one I have of time, expanding it, I chase it. I am here and already I am there, then I come back here again. In all I do, there is a strong idea of movement. In short, it is all, in the space of a click I MOVE.

From the series MUOVITI.

Tiziana Nanni

Tenere insieme le cose

Memory is a path of crumbs to return to where it has already been. In memory, in a dream, maybe for real.

From the series “Tenere insieme le cose”

Paola Rossi

L’infinito viaggiare

“L’infinito viaggiare” is a project that speaks of a journey. But what we want to tell and see is not a particular journey. It is a story made of places, encounters, passions, details that become infinite spaces where one’s intimacy is lost.