When the others go away

Awarded project “Call for Entry 2014”

2014 is the year that will mark the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan after 12 years of war.

In the meantime, the NGO Emergency has started a project involving some Italian Universities, allowing for the specialization in Emergency Medicine and General Surgery in a hospital run by the Organization itself.

As the withdrawal plan from Afghanistan begins, some others are getting ready to reach the country.

Davide Luppi is the first Italian post-graduate student in General Surgery who will complete his studies volunteering in a field hospital.

A journey that lasted 6 months, from Modena to Kabul, for a unique professional experience. A life experience in a land torn by long years of war.

The approach chosen is focused on telling the war regardless of the usual photo-journalistic language, sliding into interpretation instead: “I chose this theme because I wanted to deal with a highly current topic in a very troubled land of which so much has already been told, photographically speaking, through a different point of view.

We usually read of Afghanistan from the victim’s point of view, be it a patient or an inhabitant. I wanted to show the other side of the coin, revealing the emotions and difficulties of a medical professional taking on the challenge in an unknown context”.

The author hands us over a new key to reading Afghanistan: Emergency seen not by the victims of the conflict, but by those taking care of them.