“R-Esistenze (R-Existences) – for a constructive dialogue between consciousness and unconsciousness


R-esistenze (R-Existences)  is a project where photography is used as a medium of dialogue and transmission of values between cultures and generations.

“How do you r-exist?” is the common thread question which led the participants to reflect and activate their deepest cognitive and emotional resources.

Photos exhibited testify the “ways of r-existence” positively put into effect by people day after day, as they keep searching for their own personal, authentic life project.

From a Jungian perspective, this research is aimed at enhancing the human being as a unique, unrepeatable and indispensable life occasion of the Other. Photography allows recovering the essential dimension.

R-esistenze (R-Existences) is a photographic project by Silvia Rotelli, developed together with the inhabitants of the city of Bolzano.