“In-Sight, In-Mind”

The artists whose works included in the selection are three of our founding members of the collective, Steve Erra, Mark Andres, and Victorine Floyd Fludd. They also the full range of vision in our group ( Mark fully sighted, Steve – legally blind, and Vicky fully blind).

Mark is the director of the group. A photographer and artist, he taught classes photography since 1986 and continues teaching them at Visions Services for the Blind in New York City.

Steve is a painter, writer and  photographer. Steve has retinitis pigments,a genetic disease which causes you to gradually lose your vision -beginning with your night vision and the outer edges of your peripheral vision and shinking your field of vision until it eventually is gone.

Vicky grew up fully sighted on the island of Antigua. 30 years ago she developed a swelling behind her eyes and very quickly lost her sight.