“Dolphins sleep with their eyes opened”

Zoos were born to inform, to let people know and understand those animal breeds that would be otherwise unattainable. I wonder today what sense can make to get acquainted with the  life of an animal born, grown and dead in a cage. Is this just a strange form of entertainment for humans or thin pretense of superiority? Whatever the motivation, it  certainly does not justify the existence of these places,  where you do not teach anything else but to dismiss the compassion which makes us human beings.

An animal confined to small spaces, without links to its own environment, without the social relations typical of the species in question, will surely develop malaise. I visited seven zoos in Europe,  three thematic parks and four  aquariums. Standardized movements, boredom, self-mutilation: this is what  I saw.

For these animals the show will never end; they act distractingly  under the eyes of those  walking along the cages and the glasses, expecting to see an event, so it was worth it to pay a ticket. A Big Brother for a fee.

Great nonsense is then the representation (photographic, sculptural, paper) of the animals themselves.

Where the animal is missing or holed up to evade the human curiosity, here it is the puppet that takes over, the cup, the statue granite becomes  representation of the animal. A representation in the representation: who is alive looks as fake and who is fake  must seem alive.