“My shot”

“La mia inquadratura” is a travelling and independent lab for children. It’s active since 2009. In the lab we organize recreational and educational activities focused on the arts and disciplines of photography. In it, the actors, whose ages range from 6 to 13 years, become the protagonists, narrators and manufacturers of memory, working directly in the social and geographical contexts of the participants. The purpose of the project is to accompany the kids involved in a process of broadening of their perspectives and to support them in the design of new possibilities for their future and that of their places and their communities, as well as to promote artistic expression and the identification of the self, even in marginal contexts. With “La mia inquadratura” we believe in the process of building a collective active memory, full of ideas and content, where the photograph becomes the means of preserving the diversity in the observation of things, of life, of spaces and living spaces, to imagine a generation that grows representing, narrating and understanding the world that hosts it. The exhibition is a summary of the workshops held so far, with images that trace the different stories encountered, notes and thoughts drawn by the participants cut with round toe scissors.