The skin is the totality of a boundary surface. It is between us and the world. And, in this sense, both as matter and as a symbol, it is an expression of that “essential” separation from our environment and from one another, which is the foundation of being. The notion of “I” begins exactly from our own skin. As the boundary tissue between the individual and the collective, our skin sends sensory messages that allow us to demarcate the internal world from the external one. We are as far as our sense of touch can reach, but we are also an “I” that touches, demarcates and, as such, learns. The construction of our own world is born out of this constant giving shapes and limits to the things that surround us, in the continuum between incorporating and distancing the otherness.

If distance represents a fundamental requirement of human existence, it is only its relativization, or the temporary overcoming of such distance, which makes the encounter among people possible: only then do social relations begin, and the representation of identity becomes a being that’s identical to oneself, in the difference from others.

The skin is the symbol of such distance and of overcoming it, within the contact.

The skin’s integrity is threatened by the “external” nature and by the potential violence of others. And so it becomes the bearer of anxieties of an “internal” nature, which is the expressive vehicle of the psyche, of its emotional states as well as of its wounds. In this sense, the skin can be considered as an interactive element, which reacts to the inner world as well as to the external one.
Skin as identity. Skin as boundary. Skin as communication. Skin as relationship.

In 2017 the international jury of the European Festival Association (EFA) assigns to the Perugia Social Photo Fest, for the second consecutive biennium, the EFFE LABEL 2017/2018 (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe).

Motivation: “Festival of interesting artistic and cultural values with a good international profile


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Inaugurazione 2018

OPENING | 09.03.2018

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, h. 18

Presentation of the Festival, award ceremony, exhibitions opening


PORTFOLIO REVIEW 10/11.03.2018

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo

Portfolio review – Cervo | Malavenda | Mirabelli | Raimondi


LAB | 16.03.2018

Officine Fratti

Libere associazioni. Workshop con Francesca Belgiojoso

lab conf

LAB | 17.03.2018

Sangallo Palace Hotel

Experiencing photography | Spazio Lab


EVENT | 23.03.2018

Sala dei Notari, h 21

Dove gli dei si parlano | Performance with Monika Bulaj


LAB | 09/11.03.2018

Sala della Fondazione Sant’Anna

Master Class with Judy Weiser


OFF | 10.03.2018

Officine Fratti

Opening –  A feminine look at contemporary photography


TALK | 17/18.03.2018

Sangallo Palace Hotel

Conference  Experiencing photography #5


LAB | 22/25.03.2018

Open Space For Arts

Workshop on photoreportage with Monika Bulaj


BOOK | 24.03.2018

Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo, h. 11

Presentation of “Tutto per una ragione” and “Anatomia dei sentimenti”




Palazzo della Penna, Salone di Apollo.

A workshop on photography and writing.



Palazzo della Penna | various places in the city

Contemporary art event