Resisto” (“I resist”) is the core concept of PSPF 14 – a simple word, with a strong impact based on the psycho-social concept of “resilience”. Resilience is the human ability to face the adversities of life, to go beyond and eventually overcome them, becoming stronger than before and transformed for the best. Resilient people are not super heroes, but just individuals who found inside their own selves, in human relationships, and in life contexts, those elements and the strength to keep on projecting their future in spite of all the destabilizing events, hard moments in life, even severe shocks. From a psychosocial perspective, the concept of resilience is also refer to human groups and communities to indicate a condition of amplified cohesion of the members, also strengthening the vital resources of the participants. To cultivate humanness means to be connected to other human beings and to recognize them.

Inaugurazione 2016


14 novembre 2014

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Tre workshop esperienziali su tre diversi modi di utilizzare il linguaggio fotografico nell’ambito delle relazioni d’aiuto e come strumento di conoscenza del sé. I workshop esperienziali hanno una durata di due ore e sono aperti a tutti.

22 novembre 2014