“A singular vision”

“A Singular Vision” is the beginning of a new journey.

Noah is a young Belgian photographer on the autism spectrum born at dawn of the XXI century. He expresses his singularity and vision of the world through the lens. Noah shares with us his great sensitivity.

Being neuroAtypical makes relationships complex, therefore, photography creates a link between both worlds.

Photography creates sense where words can’t.

Symmetry and balance are key to him. Even in a crowd, he will find a way to retrieve from it and shows it, to us, with his lens. He gives structure to the world around him through his pictures.
Noah captured his first photographs in 2015.
It took him four years to agree to take the camera in his hands. Looking at pictures on the computer and then on prints, started the process. The therapeutic value of photography is beyond imagination to outsiders.
Photography helped him in the learning process and acquisition of speech, telling stories, making sense of time scale, family history, and physical boundaries.

Photographs taken through the years are everywhere at home. It is a playful and powerful tool. It comes in all sizes, colors, and shapes. It creates an opportunity for exchanges.

Photography defines him as an artist rather than someone with autism. His vision speaks to many and his photographs are part of private collections.

The exploration is just starting, as Noah only uses his Fuji camera. As of now, he refuses to capture daily moments with his smartphone. He never attended a single photography class. Everything comes from within.

Never let a handicap be more than a handicap, could be his motto.

« My name is Noah Brombart. I am 18. I live with Autism. I live in Genval, Belgium. I am happy to show my photographs. I use the camera to share my vision of the world. When I take photographs I feel good. I started taking pictures when I was 15 years old.
I can’t write more, it is too much of an effort. »

Noah was born and raised in Belgium. He speaks French and English.
As most teenagers with autism, schooling was a nightmare, he attended 5 schools and 5 kindergartens. He also has a kidney genetic disease that distorted his legs.
His parents divorced when he was 5 years old. Although the family is very united, to undergo so many changes was an emotional rollercoaster.
Photography is a resilient tool, one that makes sense in the non-sense, and one that makes him an artist, who craves for autonomy. Like pieces of a giant puzzle, little by little Noah rewrites his story with these little images. And making sense leads to happiness.