“Ti sopravvivo”

“I Outlive you”

Only dreams make real what no longer exists.

But then awakening comes.

Every day.

“I Outlive You” tells the devastating suffering which subverts life when death touches us too closely.

It’s the emptiness.

It’s the story of my family, my own story

It’s Diego’s absence. He died at 23.

Snaps taken at home or at the cemetery, little photos whispering softly, out of decency, or because it’s always difficult to talk of death.

Death is almost like a taboo in our culture, so we are left alone looking for answers never to be found.

Life is shaken down to its foundations: habits, friends, life itself.

Time freezes at the moment of loss, and we watch in amazement other people’s time passing under our eyes: everyone goes on with their own life, the same everyday stuff.

Stupefied, we too watch our life passing by, as if we lived outside of it, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Object around us are no longer part of a banal routine, but a cumbersome presence testifying that absence.

Diego is now a picture, a book, music, an empty room, a birthday card.

We must learn to survive, reprogramming everything from the start, finding new reasons to go on.

But it’s so hard: we need to touch, to see, to feel those we love.

It takes time, lots of time.

I came across photography, and today this sharing is my resilience.