Exhibitions 2018

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Timothy Archibald

At the end we didn’t get any answers, but we built a bridge.

Katharina Bauer

It’s the story of how our body is influencing our psyche and viceversa

Noah Brombart

A Singular Vision
Photography defines him as an artist rather than someone with autism.

Ilaria Di Biagio

When we were small, it was difficult to understand what we could or could not do.

Donato Di Camillo

Life unfiltered
Portraits of people on the fringe of society, those that often remain unseen or ignored.

Amy Friend

Dare alla luce
Photography is a way to explore the relationship between visible and non-visible.

Simona Frillici

That photocopied face, which is what remains of a tragic life, forces us to stop.

Simona Ghizzoni

Odd Days
Eating disorders are widespread and represent the contradictions of our time.

Farzana Hossen

Only because they are women
This is a story about women who have died and survived acid attacks.

Lee Jeffries

Jeffries honors those people by giving their a religious spiritual significance.

Giovanna Magri

Photography can go beyond resemblance and documentation, beyond the skin and the masks.

Erik Messori

Human Pups
Thousands of people around the world don dog-like hoods, tails and suits to indulge in puppy play.

Fabio Moscatelli

The right place
Their story is summarized in the aphorism by Le Corbussier : a house is a car where one can live.

Sina Niemeyer

Für mich
I went from being a passive victim to a proud and strong survivor.

Constanza Portnoy

Life Force
One of Jorge’s dreams is to become a human rights lawyer.

Federica Sasso

Sick Sad Blue.
It is the healing diary of an intimate friend. It is our story.

Magnus Wennman

Where the children sleep
The war in Syria has continued for almost seven years and more than two million children are fleeing the war.


A container of the most innovative and significant photographic projects by emerging Italian photographers.


Collective exhibition of the 15 winning artists of “FRAMMENTI CALL.4.COLLAGIST”.