“If only for a second”


“If only for a second” is a project that involved twenty patients diagnosed with cancer. They were invited to a photo studio where a team of professionals did their hair and make up. They were asked to keep their eyes shut. At the end of the transformation, we sat them down in front of a mirror, one after the other.

Behind the mirror was a photogragher. They following portraits were take the second they opned their eyes. At the exact moment, for a split second, they all forgot about their illness and felt carefree again.

Photographer Vincent Dixon | Agency: Leo Burnett France

Finding out that you have cancer is terrifying. Suddendly, your life is shaken to the core. The Mimi Foundation stemmed from a belief that cancer must be dealt with from every angle – not only medically. We serve as a complement to medicine. Helping patients find the confidence, courage, and strength to face their illness in a more peaceful way. The Foundation provides a moment of wellbeing: through beauty care, massages, psychological support or simply just sharing a moment. Our mission is to offer patients, a way to forget their illness, be it for an hour or only for a second.