A photo is worth far more than 1,000 Words!

Using personal photographs to improve people’s lives

3-day Master Class with Judy Weiser about
Adapting PhotoTherapy techniques for use in Therapeutic Photography or Social Action Photography practices

This 3-day Master Class, taught by Canadian Psychologist and Art Therapist Judy Weiser (considered the world authority on PhotoTherapy Techniques), is an opportunity for you to learn through personal experience with photos (your own and other people’s) about the theoretical framework underlying the techniques of PhotoTherapy. This framework also explains the success of related non-therapy photo-based activity practices; for example, Therapeutic Photography (where people intentionally help themselves or others to improve understanding and make desired changes)  — or Social Action Photography projects (done with communities, or society in general, to improve well-being and reduce social exclusion).

Learn how (and why) to use photo-based interventions with your own therapy clients — or how to adapt these techniques for beneficial use within your own Therapeutic Photography or Social Action Photography practices.  Experience the power of these techniques directly, by participating in several guided practice sessions with your own photos.
>>  Experiential sessions are for your education, not your personal therapy.

This Master Class is about the ‘heart part” of photographs, rather than their “art part” — and therefore participants do not need any prior experience with photography. 

Open to everyone interested, including psychologists, psychotherapists, family therapists, art therapist, coaches, and other counselling professionals,  photographers, social action project workers, participatory photography researchers, educators, and students.

When:    March 9 – 10 – 11, 2018
Where:  Hall of the Sant’Anna Foundation, Viale Roma n. 12, Perugia

This Master Class will be taught in English with sequential translation into Italian (by a Professional Translator very experienced in translating Weiser’s teaching).

>>>> For the full 3-day program of the Master Class, click here <<<<

OUTLINE for the 3 days (beginning at 9.00 each day and lasting until either 18.00 or 19.00, with 2-hour lunch break):


  • Friday, March 9, 2018:

Working with the inner meanings, thoughts, feelings, and expectations unconsciously embedded in personal photographs:

How to use therapy clients’ discussions about their own personal and family photographs to help them explore those meanings (and feelings, thoughts, and memories connected with them) to improve the depth and success of their therapeutic sessions (or in adaptation as photo-based activities used for personal exploration of self or others and/or for social action projects promoting positive changes)

  • Saturday, March 10, 2018:

Working with photos about the “individual self” of the client (who they are as a person, apart from their family, social, and other similar frameworks they are part of):

How photos taken by therapy clients, photos taken of them by other people, and photos they take of themselves (“self-portraits”), can be used to improve their therapy sessions (or adapted for similar uses during photo-based personal or social explorations)

  • Sunday, March 11, 2018:

Working with photos about the “relational self” of the client (their role within their larger frameworks, such as family, social, cultural and other interconnections — their “collective identity” rather than their “individual identity”)

How family photos and photos of the social and other networks the client is part of, can be used to deepen the understanding of the “background” factors contributing (usually unconsciously) to their identity as a person.

Additionally, this final day will end with a small closing discussion about important ethical considerations in using PhotoTherapy Techniques in therapy sessions and/or related applications in Projects involving the techniques of Therapeutic Photography and/or Social Action Photography.


The cost of the Master Class, including all the materials, is € 390 (+ VAT) for early registration before 31/01/2018 and € 470 (+ VAT) for registration after 31/01/2018.

Once a participant’s registration payment has been made, cancellation by the participant will not result in refund. Refunds will be made only if the event is canceled by the organizer.

A certificate of attendance will be issued.

To register click the “Registration Form” button below. Payment instructions will be sent by email after the Registration. After payment has been received you will be sent your “photos to bring with you” Advance Homework Assignment.

Info: workshop@perugiasocialphotofest.org