“La fotografia mi cura, mi consola, mi coccola, mi guarisce”

“Photography cures me, consoles me, cuddles me, heals me”

Awarded project “Call for Entry 2014”

I take pictures to put the pieces back together.

Photography helps me give things a meaning, understand how I work from the inside, see my dreams, nightmares, obsessions, passions and deep cuts in time. I look at my own self recomposing on screen. I often called such project medicine projects, because of their power to cure me, console me, cuddle me, heal me. Like a daydream, the unconscious won’t run away. In breaking free from the illusion of the creative act, it becomes creation in progress. These images are like healing processes to me, born from the visual recomposition of the inner universe and mind’s complexity through telling.

After experimenting myself the positive effects (better elaboration of a thought or a memory through objectification), I started looking for a way to convey to others my photography. So came the idea of carrying out photographic services in which other people can view or re-view themselves through photography. Some of the featured images belong to a photo session that I shared with my sister. These photo shooting are shared experiences: an initial conversation allows defining the theme that will be dealt with and interpreted in photographic terms, then the shooting is carried out along with a personal post-production work to give images a narrative effect.

The outcomes are images born from my gaze encountering the words of the portrayed subject (sort of a “relational self-portrait”). Such an experience helped me understand that the same positive effects that I had experimented myself, could be shared through photographic action or through putting together visual fragments of other people’s lives, thus giving others a chance to tell themselves photographically, becoming the subjects of their own narrative, or just the directors of a visual tale shaping up as a photographic creation.

As a photographer, my task is bearing witness to the narrative, and putting the pieces together by means of photography and intuitions born out of it, so that I can return their story to those who gave it to me as a present. It’s photography based on generous, mutual self-exchange, as photographer and subject become collaborators and co-creators of what is no longer just a photo. It is experience. It is a process of growth.