“Connected to self-life and re-life”

“It does not hurt! You are always tired, but no symptoms, no pain. It is an invisible disease, the symptoms occur when it is already at an advanced stage, when there is no turning back, and the only thing left for you to do is fight, go ahead and adapt to the disease. “

I am a photojournalist and at the same time have kidney chronic disease since 2004.

For the first time I found myself in front of and behind the camera, photographer and protagonist at the same time. Photography was a medium used to turn my fear into strength and creativity. Self-portrait  converted into  voice of myself, a way to tell my story, a form of participation in the report, a new form of telling stories with pictures, a form of knowledge that is needed to break the barrier of fear that exists when each of us  faces something unknown.  From 31 July 2011, until today, I told the story of a kidney patient, the time of the pre-dialysis, the choice of peritoneal dialysis, the relationship with  doctors and  nurses,   with family and friends,   with my partner, waiting for a call, when you connect to a machine until the arrival of the transplant. They are completely sure that the disease has made me a better person and thus a better photographer. At this time the question I often ask myself is:  would it be possible for me to be a photographer if I had not had the experience of this disease?