Punctum  is a project which was born from an encounter between photography and mental health. Punctum is intended for individuals whose life experiences have made it difficult for them to communicate their condition as human beings. The project has been created and developed by photographer Antonello Turchetti with the collaboration of Silvia Fedon, a psychosocial rehabilitation worker in the Cooperativa Sociale BorgoRete. It is promoted and supported by BorgoRete and the provincial administration of  Perugia (Cultural Policies Department).

The result was a bit of a miracle. The authors of the pictures have been able to speak about themselves to a world that perhaps has forgotten them by offering an original image of a reality we all share.

The essence of these pictures is extremely powerful, as powerful as the lack of desire to be portrayed. The research begins and ends in the same point: being an individual. From a photographic perspective, some of these pictures recall those of Nan Goldin”  (Samuele Bianchi – fotografiasociale.org)