The wounded search for a hideout to keep safe. A place that the enemy can’t find. The darkness protects it: can’t be seen and attacked. It shelters its wounds from the outside, less vulnerability. Surrounded by a suit of armor. Slowly adding a layer after layer. But what if the enemy is within?

+Youme is a longterm project about Dag and myself both familiar with emotional eating. He always suffered from big weight gains and loses. His body is marked by it. He tried once to get psychological help and two therapists send him away. They said: “You are not suffering from an eating disorder, you are normal weight.”

He never tried again fearing people won’t believe him. It’s the story of how our body is influencing our psyche and the other way around. Emotional eating is one coping mechanism, a way to solve problems and to deal with the world. It is a presage of binge-eating-disorder.

One day when I was working on the project „In the Cocoon“ Dag asked me to work with him the way I do with Susanne. He wanted to be heard the same way she felt. He wanted to see and be seen. During the project, we used the photos to explain to each other, we faced our inner fears together, we started to be more comfortable in our self by portraying each other. While shooting the pictures I found an inner strength that I was not aware of yet. All the feelings and insecurities about my body felt in the past. For Dag he was on a different step of the path he just started to except himself. There is a power in seeing that someone that understands that part of you more than anyone. But at the same time, it was one of the hardest task to see your most vulnerable, your „dark“ side, your weakness mirrored to you every day.

Photography can be a tool to make sense of what is happening in the world, but also inside of us. We can choose to start to communicate and open our self up. To let a little bit of this hard suit of armor break. What happens if I show myself in a vulnerable position? If I show the marks left on my body if I’m able to access what is behind the shelf.