“The Crisis Projects 1982-1992”

Jo  Spence  The Crisis Projects  1982-1992

curated  by Terry Dennett

Jo Spence1934-1992 was a British Photographer, Writer, Pioneering Photo therapist and Cancer activist.

“The Crisis projects 1982-1992” shows Jo Spence’s pioneering work on therapeutic photography and her poignant autobiographic explorations around issues of health and self image.

Included in this show is a selection of her rarely exhibited and perhaps most innovative last work from “The Final Project 1991-2” a photographic exploration and documentation of her mortality and approaching death from leukaemia

Too ill to use a cameras towards the end she never the less found a way to keep making images by re using old slides from her archives – sandwiching and duplicating selected images to create new allegorical statements – a technique she called Photo fantasy

Jo Spence photographs have influenced and inspired a whole generation of Women and encouraged many to start using the camera to document health issues,

Interest in Spence’s work continues grow Internationally and fifteen years after her death I am still finding new images and unpublished material in her archives – enough for many more exhibitions”  Terry Dennett Curator Jo Spence Memorial Archive London April 11 2008