“Close Up”

“Close up” is a  project   born at the end of 2012. The work takes place in one location,  a garage with a white neon light,   to give a sense of underground.
The main idea is to photograph tattoos or custom objects of boys belonging to the Campanian rap scene. The subjects involved in the project are about thirty, each with a different story, each from a different area of ​​Campania. The children who participated are: Ogemell, Leleblade, Nero, Danny Megaton, Valerio Marcello, Grubey, Alien Mc, Sdegno  Deszelo, Zhod, Mc Duka, A’Tragedia, Feel g, N’Z, that Lambo, Alex 808 Pets Without Race, Gli Affiliati, Tore, Red, Jack Change, Dejavu, Marmittone, Cigano Prete, Dacta Polakk and Otrè.