The journey that paper and cardboard go through, from their daily usage to the collection and storage process starts from the waste management sites. These are the sites where the materials originate, and the separate collection of rubbish end up.

The Spuren project offers, through a detached perspective, the representation of waste and of the people who deal with them on a daily basis. The primary scope of the project is to understand the limited capacity of mankind towards the environment and to look at the signs that we are leaving behind us.

This diversified perspective was made possible by the activity of Cooperativa Sociale Giovanile di Lavoro which involves not only materials, but above all individuals. If, in the case of paper and cardboard, the final scope is recycling and new usage, at the human and social level, the scope is promoting employment opportunities for disadvantaged people such as the handicapped, mentally impaired, and socially needy individuals. For many years, the daily work at the Cooperativa has represented for these people an opportunity to find the traces of their human journeys and to give them a new and richer sense.