Francesca Belgiojoso (Psicotherapist Studio Arte Crescita) and Sara Guerrini (Photoeditor D – Repubblica): “The identity of the photographer, between comparison and recognition”

“Open Space For Arts” – Via dei Priori n.77

Through the integration of the skills of a psychologist and a photo editor, the workshop offers the opportunity to reflect on their own identity as a photographer: this approach aims at fostering the understanding of someone’s own method and means, helping at the same time to define future goals.

. Po promote reflection on your own professional/artistic identity
. To develop a greater consciousness of your own work
.To understand the business opportunities and publishing of their work

Portfolio review
Individual interview with a professional of the photographic industry for the presentation of your work, to facilitate the discussion of the different aspects of being a photographer, aiming at a possible commercial use of your photos (using publishing, commercial or artistic). This approach will also encourage the reflection on your personal and professional accomplishments.

Group interaction to promote a greater awareness of participants’ work. By using a single image, participants will interface with each other and will be able to expand their point of view, to improve listening and discussion.

Info for participants:

Number: min 8-max 12
Requirements: participants are requested to present their portfolio – comprising of several photographic projects.

Cost: 80 euro
When: 16 November 2013

TO REGISTER – kindly proceed with the payment to Associazione LuceGrigia

IBAN IT 63 R 076 0103 0000 0100 7911017
Once payment is made, please send payment details,  to:

Not refundable – unless the workshop will no longer be held