Frammenti is the collective exhibition of the 15 winning artists of “FRAMMENTI CALL.4.COLLAGIST” the open call organized by Perugia Social Photo Fest with the aim of giving visibility to new artists who express themselves through the medium of analogic collage. Fragmenti also wants to spread new languages of contemporary culture and enhance the multiple interpretations of the theme of PSPF 2018 “THE SKIN I LIVE“, the skin, as identity, as a border, as communication, as a relationship”, which wants to focus on that boundary element, both material and symbolic, which separates the external world from our inner world, the skin in fact.

The jury selection criteria focused on interpretation by the artist of the festival’s theme “THE SKIN I LIVE”, giving space not only to successful artists but also to emerging artists. The originality and quality of the collage technique have been taken into account. The work of the Greek artist Lane, chosen as one of the official images of the Festival, incorporates these features into a complex, lightweight, and impressive graphic composition.

Artists exhibited

Gian Luca Bianco (Italy), Elisabetta Cardella (Italy), Jorge Chamorro (Spain), Floriana Di Giorgio (Italy), Paola Fortunato (Italy), Nina Fraser (Portugal), Lane (Greece, winner collage of the Call), Rozenn Le Gall (France), David Leleu (France), Janice McDonald (USA), Floriana Mitchell (Italy), NCLPGL (Italy), Elisa Pietrelli (Italy), Re Barbus (Italy), Katia Rossi (Italy).

On the cover, a detail of the winner collage.