“The experience of photography as a means of self- representation”

Nicaragua (1997) , Algeria ( 2002) , Palestine ( 2004), Uganda (2008-2009 and 2011), Bethlehem, Dheishe Camp, Gaza and the region of Kuna Yala , Panama ( 2010), Argentina, Ezeiza Women’s Prison (2012).  Set up in marginal areas or conflict areas, targeted at boys or women’s groups, such as the experience with the Saharawi women and street children in Managua, the laboratories of FSF  are based on and all shared the same idea: photography can be a valuable expressive tool that can offer to people living in difficult situations an effective and competitive means of representation of their reality. From within. Bringing into play their own codes and their sensitivity . With a language easily understandable to all but workable .
With  traditional  reportage we unfairly got used   to the observation of critical situations from an outside point of view . The reporter, in spite his dedication and willingness towards objectivity, aims to document, to tell stories and themes,  to offer information.    But it does, inevitably, through the filter of his own culture, influenced by the idea that his own cultural context is able to build.  In the laboratories of FSF, instead, we are experiencing how much photographing can be a way to describe with own eyes, with participation to narrate life without the hassle of filters. Telling lot more about oneself, and being able to some extent to ease the sense of helplessness generated by uncertainty.  Tool of free expression and self- conscious representation, in the laboratories of FSF   photography means to resist to an unjust and unacceptable resignation. It means to access  to a valuable educational value,  bringing into play the deep feelings  that nourish, together with  all the people involved in the projects, the audience of the images produced in the workshops and projects of FSF.  And we have seen it  many times in the joy expressed by the students when the  first photographs were showed in an exhibition or a book was  born from their images.