The missing person and their families”

Since the end of the war in Kosovo, the troubles for many families did not end. During the three month period of NATO bombing over Serbian targets around 10000 people have been killed from which around 3500 considered missing including the Kosovo serbian victims. After the UN administration mission took over the civil administration of the province some activities to bring light over the faith of the missing came through the International Red Cross Committee and other local NGO’s. Most of the missing perople from albanian side were found in mass graves in Serbia, and the serbian missing persons were found in Kosovo. From the beginning of this process there were a lot of hand overs of body remains to both sides but most of them came from Serbia. Until now around 2000 corps were transferred to Kosovo for further examination and DNA matching process of the remaining body parts. The United Nations Office on Missing Persons and Forensics is in charge of this process.Even though Kosovo for the moment is passing through a very important historical period the issue of the missing persons is not in the focus of neither local or international organizations, and the families still remain uninformed for the faith of their loved ones.