March 17th, 2018

Experiencing Photography – SPAZIO.LAB

Using photos to improve well-being and reduce social exclusion

Four experiential workshops on the use of photography as tool for self-knowledge. The experiential workshops have a duration of two hours and are open to everyone interested.

All the workshops are already SOLD OUT!

Orario Laboratorio Conduttore
15.00 – 17.00 Workshop #1 Find yourself in images and words Chiara Digrandi
Workshop #2 The alive space of the skin. From photography to the artistic object. Boundary, identity and relationship Daniela Bertuletti
Orario Laboratorio Conduttore
17.30 – 19.30 Workshop #3 The video camera: a motivational tool for change Sarit Haymian
Workshop #4 The skin – The human hypersensitivity and its protection Riccardo Musacchi

Farnaz Farahi

WORKSHOP # 1 – Chiara Digrandi

Find yourself in images and words

Sangallo Palace Hotel – Sala Tenaglia – time 15-17

Maximum number of participants: 20

The workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience, in the encounter with the other, a new way of telling and exploring new aspects of themselves.

The photographic images and the words narrate that will emerge from a deep dialogue with the other, will be a mirror of emotions and experiences more or less aware and they will offer participants a new perspective on a known reality. The way we narrate each other, what my interlocutor receives and gives back to me, what I welcome and I feel about the narration, the questions that come to me are part of an experience in which various narrative, verbal and non-verbal levels are intertwined creating a new self-image.

Chiara Digrandi, psychologist, art therapist, facilitator of “The Self-Portrait Experience®” method, co-founder of NetFo and member of the collective Cine sin Autor. She has coordinated and developed, in Italy, Finland, Peru, Spain and Colombia, various projects of art therapy, therapeutic photography and participatory cinematographic creation in the clinical and social field aimed at people at risk of social exclusion in penitentiary settings, reception centers, nursing homes, mental health centers and disadvantaged neighborhoods.

WORKSHOP # 2 – Daniela Bertuletti

The alive space of the skin. From photography to the artistic object. Boundary, identity and relationship

Sangallo  Palace Hotel – Sala Sperone – time 15-17

Maximum number of participants: 20

Art therapy and photo therapy models work on shaping feelings, making “visible” what is not, through a process of symbolization. As Judy Weiser states, art enhances the beneficial use of photo therapy because as an expressive technique it helps to bring out internalized external subject from Self. The photographic image, used as a projective tool, is both the container and the content it evokes and, together with the user, is all one, like the mother and the child of whom Anzieu speaks, in the symbiotic phase of development of the skin-ego.

The workshop aims to offer a practical and demonstrative experience of photo art-therapy. Starting from the two-dimensional aspect of photography, in a process of transformation, participants can build an artistic object outside of themselves. The creation of a three-dimensional space, containing and living, in which it is possible that thoughts, as objects, relate to each other in an autonomous way, helps to distance itself from the evoked image and fosters the process of separation of the ego, all inside a relationship of dialogue and care.

We will experiment on the skin as “Art is the expression of the deepest thought in the simplest way.” (Albert Einstein)

Daniela Bertuletti (Studio ArTessere Percorsi), Artist and art therapist with a psychodynamic orientation graduated from the “Centro di Formazione nelle Arti terapie” of Lecco and the School of Italian Artherapy. Registered at APIART (Italian Professional Therapists Association) No. 340/2014, coordinates projects and conducts, as a freelancer, workshops in the preventive, educational and rehabilitation filed in various public and private structures, between Bergamo and the province.

WORKSHOP # 3 – Sarit Haymian

The video camera: a motivational tool for change

Sangallo Palace Hotel – Sala Tenaglia – time 17,30 – 19,30

Maximum number of participants: 20

What happens when a video camera is present in the therapy room and how can we use the qualities of video in creating a motivation for a change?

An experiential workshop that will give the participants a live demonstration of the properties of video in a therapeutic situation.We’ll focus on documentary interviews and will use the technique of closed-circuit filmography to examine how the photographer and the object react to the presence of the video camera and how can we use the awareness to the camera in order to motivate a change.

The workshop is based on a unique model of working with the video camera as a therapeutic instrument. The model doesn’t focus on editing, we work with raw materials and connect the various elements of the cinematic language to the world of therapy.

Sarit Haymian, a professional filmmaker, and photographer has spent over 15 years using videotherapy techniques in therapeutic, educational and community institutions, cooperating with different therapists. Her model was created after many years of field research and she now is a consultant and lecturer, the founder and the director of the videotherapy program in “The Open University of Israel”, giving lectures, workshops, presentations and intensives training on using her videotherapy model to improve therapy practices.

WORKSHOP # 4 – Riccardo Musacchi and Farnaz Farahi

The Skin. The human hypersensitivity and its protection

Sangallo  Palace Hotel – Sala Sperone – time 17,30 – 19,30

Maximum number of participants: 20

The deep is the skin (Paul Valery).

After a brief introduction on the concepts of hypersensitivity and of emotional tolerance window, the participants will experience a psych body warming that will involve the skin: as a symbolic border to be crossed to meet the world, as a stratified memory (film) of every significant experience and as a sense of boundary protective. We will explore together some bodily, verbal and visual techniques (key images) to increase the ability to put limits on others when they hurt us. As human beings, normally vulnerable at certain times or certain topics, we must learn to protect ourselves, to thicken our psychic skin, without losing our sensitivity.

Riccardo Musacchi, psychologist and psychotherapist with training in Biosystemic psychotherapy and EMDR. He carries out a private psychotherapy activity mainly with adults and couples, teacher and supervisor of the School of Biosystemic psychotherapy in various institutions in Italy and in Brazil, author of the book “FotoTerapia psicocorporea” published by FrancoAngeli Together with Dr. Farahi and dr. Alessandro Pesce founded the Institute of Psycho-corporeal Phototherapy

Farnaz Farahi, pedagogist, Professional Counselor with a psycho-corporeal orientation and associate Assocounseling, Trainer, and expert in the use of images in the scholastic context and in the helping relationship in socio-educational contexts. Research Fellow at the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Florence. Privately conducts counseling for teenagers and adults, with couples, families, and groups.

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  • The cost of each workshop is € 30 (It’s possible to sign up to a maximum of two workshops. Enrolment in workshop closes on reaching the maximum number of expected participants).
  • The cost of attending the conference is € 50
  • For those registering at the conference and two workshops the total cost is € 90 (indicate in the bank transfer the number corresponding to the workshop you want to attend).
  • For the students of “Scuola di Formazione della Cittadella di Assisi” the cost of the conference and two workshop is € 70

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