“Independent on my skin”

Over four hundred years of British rule in Ireland, which is considered to be the longest war of occupation in the world, have produced generations of independent minded Irish, who have been fighting for centuries for their national identity. Their names are related to the I.R.A. and other pro-independence organisations, and even if there is a treaty of truce, today there are men and women making efforts to achieve their dream of independence. Their tattoos tell their life, fallen friends, past actions. Their bodies bearing indelible writings of an ideal and the human price paid to conquer it. Every drop of ink under the skin carries the memory of ancestors and comrades who died in this invisible war. Much has been written about them, especially in the seventies and eighties, during a series of attacks that seemed to never end, and in the collective conscience they are considered as terrorists and subversive, but little – or almost nothing – is really known about them. This account is an insight into their world and serves as proof of willingness not to give up, but fight for an Ireland that they could call their own.