Performance “Dove gli dei si parlano”

By and with Monika Bulaj

Sala dei Notari | Piazza IV Novembre,1 | Friday 23 March, h 21

Free admission while seats last

In a monologue made of images, sounds and music collected in her career, the photographer Monika Bulaj tells of her journey in the last meeting oasis between faiths, free zones besieged by armed fanaticism, lost homelands of today’s fugitives. Places where the gods often speak the same lingua franca, and where, behind the monotheisms, signs, presences, gestures, dances and looks appear. In a word: man, his beauty, his inviolable sacredness, obstinately sought even in the most unhappy places on the Planet, following the sun, the moon, the seasons, the cults and pilgrimages, in a “heavenly map” that ignores the fences erected by the preachers of the global conflict. A parallel and little-told world that goes from Central Asia to Latin America, from the Russias to the Middle East, and gives you back the beauty in the contamination. The Dionysian rites of the Maghreb Muslims, the dead’s weeping in the Balkans, the pilgrimages in the mud of the Urals, the evocation of the gods in exile overseas, on the route of the “smugglers” of the past, to Haiti and Cuba, where the spiritual strength of the motherland becomes voodoo rite, santeria, rapist, samba, epitalamio and mystery. And still the journey of the nomads of Asia, who carry their gods behind them, like gulls behind a fishing boat in the desert.

«She is an extraordinary explorer of boundaries: the real ones, those that remain in the world that claims to be globalized and that instead has moved its borders from the edges to the heart. Monika does not come from photography, comes from the word: philology, theater, writing, and her photographs show it. In Afghanistan as elsewhere, Bulaj seeks what a wise man called the “unspeakable of the vanquished”, to show it to the “doubt of the victors” ». Michele Smargiassi, «Repubblica», Rome

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