Cuartonigro Photolab (Paolo Nebbiai, Alessio Alberico, Lorenzo D’Amore, Chiara Franceschelli, Pamela Ceccarelli, Fabrizio Bellini)

“Motionless” is born from the coordinates of a loss. Chaotic maps, messages in bottles that five passers send to look for each other. We are on the outskirts, in those plots of land among which, timidly, a city gives way to her neighbor. Armed with camera and film, we attempt to penetrate, to draw the limits of the agglomeration. Soon it  ceases to be a Cartesian pattern  and the buildings  thicken, the windows multiply, and the shutters, once lowered,   cease to give information about life.

“Motionless” is a maze of useless landmarks, because they do not characterize. Urban patterns used as   white pebbles to find their way home. It’ s a look on the grammars the concrete;  it is an hypothesis stemming  from the inside – and then completely personalist and fragmented –  on the psycho-geography of living.

It embraces all the places, or anyone.

It is from  there  that five photographers send each other  postcards in black and  white to indicate their non-position.
Cuartonigro Photolab is a dark room in a common area, with people  inside in  the  red light. Someone lights  a  cigarette, sets a print in black and white, wrong, then try again, and goes better.

From  Russians scraps  to the pinhole camera, from paint  brushes to instant coffee, with the gloves and the sponge, or hands in the acid, every game is good.