“Landscapes from a plural world”


The project, designed and coordinated by the Association LuceGrigia, Perugia, involves four Italian cities (Perugia, Modena, Catania, Pesaro) in the creation of a social photography project \aiming at investigating the relationship between the “human being and its landscape”, how one affects and generates the other. The geographer Yi FuTuan says: “When the space seems familiar, it means that it has become a place.” Each person is placed in his living space in a position that that merges and creates continuity between the “inner world” and the world around. It is by seeing, hearing, smelling and above all through own emotional experience that a territory acquires a value. The project “Cosmorama” is addressed to people living in marginal condition (drug addicts, mentally ill, immigrants, etc.) and it uses photography as a means for self-exploration in order to acquire and develop new potentials and new perspectives. It’s a new form of therapy that combines the language of the image (shape, color, space) and the relationship with the environment, both urban and rural. The exhibition will be promoted throughout 2014, in the cities involved in the project.

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PerugiaAss.ne LuceGrigia

Catania  – Ass.ne Art’è Benessere

VignolaCooperativa Lag

PesaroAss.ne Macula 

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Cosmorama events

20 Novembre 2013 – Perugia –  seminario “Bio-Diversità terapeutica: Natura, Paesaggio, Arte e Terapia esperienze a confronto”

15 marzo 2014 – Vignola (MO) – presentazione del progetto in occasione dell’incontro “Legalità: sguardi leali dai territori” organizzato, a Vignola, dalla cooperativa L.A.G. in collaborazione con Città di Vignola, Terre di Catelli, Libera.

2 maggio 2014 – Morro D’Alba – presentazione del progetto in occasione dell’incontro “Quando la fotografia diventa terapia” organizzato in occasione di “Giornate di fotografia”.

20-22 giugno 2014 – Sassoferrato  – allestimento mostre del progetto presso “Face Photo News” – Festival della fotografia contemporanea.

27-28 settembre 2014 – Pesaro – presentazione del progetto nell’ambito della rassegna “Photo Insight” organizzata dall’associazione Macula.

3-5 ottobre 2014 – Perugia – presentazione del progetto in occasione de “Fa la cosa giusta Umbria” – Bastia Umbria Fiere.

– 11 ottobre 2014 – Catania – presentazione del progetto a cura dell’ass.ne Art’è Benessere.