There is a place in Rome where women looking for a shelter, for a temporary alternative, for a home, are welcome. Their shadows tell a story of difficulties, sometimes of violence, some others of solitude. They are tired when come to this place, deprived of their dignity, even discouraged. And lonely. But they won’t give up.

Here, in bare rooms and corridors, a new possibility comes to life. Redemption from what has been. The research of new reasons to build oneself up again. They all desire to go out. Leave the house, and seal all the wounds and concerns of their past life, of the road they’ve been running away, inside of it. This place, where light struggles to get in, is where women are waiting to start up again. Maybe alone, but free to look peacefully at their own past.

The Women’s Home “Lucha Y Siesta” was born on March 8th, 2008, thanks to a self-organized group of Italian feminists, with the purpose of creating a place where different stories come together and express their own specificity, in a shared and self-determined intimacy. It is a shelter for women, both Italian and foreign, with stories of violence and disadvantage. “Lucha Y Siesta” is the only women’s home in Italy, that is both a living space and a meeting place dedicated to discussion, study and inclusion. A grassroots experience that gives an answer to unsuccessful safeguard of women’s rights.