Con occhi diversi” 

Perception of reality depends on single points of view – nine disabled young people investigate reality through photography. What the images convey is the incredible richness deriving from the special sensitivity of the authors. By going far beyond the rules of photographic technique, they reveal an extraordinary inner freedom. For five years, these young people have made a journey inside their vision of the world and have learned to communicate it through images. Photography has allowed them to be at the center of the stage, abandoning the condition of inferiority that social conventions impose upon them. OCCHI DIVERSI (DIFFERENT EYES) was created in 2007 by the Centro Territoriale Permanente per l’istruzione e la formazione in età adulta (Permanent territorial center for adult education and training) ofRovigo. The project started with a photography workshop mainly intended for disabled people. The activities were supervised by Alberto Roccato (trainer) in collaboration withLudovico Guglielmo(photographer). Pictures by: Arrigo A., Clara B., Stefano B., Jessica C., Maria Gloria G., Mauro R., Marco R., Filippo S., Federica Z.