Contemporary art event curated by Simona Frillici and Giassi Piagentini

Palazzo della Penna


For the finissage of the Perugia Social Photo Fest, Sunday April 8, 2018 (6.00 pm), the exhibition entitled “RING” will be inaugurated and it will launch “CAZZOTTO” a contemporary art event curated by Simona Frillici and Giassi Piagentini. Event that will touch different places in the city. ”

CAZZOTTO (initial name of the Bacio Perugina) defines the adhesion and the belonging to the city and at the same time the intention to shake the public, “ad arte”, with a sharp and unexpected blow, showing the visitors consideration and sweetness (equal to the “Bacio”). An event therefore of love towards the city. The art proposed by CAZZOTTO is an art that springs awareness of the world in which we live. With a similar “immersion” art responds, not satisfied of evasion in a utopian world apart.

The “RING” exhibition includes:

  • the collective Escuela Moderna / Ateneo Liberatorio and Santiago Sierra that will propose a series of interventions centered on the relationship between Art and Anarchy;
  • Pasquale Polidori will present one of his Artist’s book with a story focused on Beuys;
  • Karpuseeler will interact with a specific pictorial project, while the figure of Beuys welcomes the visitor with a one of his video of 1969. Mark Zantor included this video-opera in an exhibition to question the active and non-hypnotized role of the visitor.

The exhibition can be visited until April 15th 2018.