“Le mie stanze”

“My rooms”


We are all inhabited by unknown rooms.

Rooms that we keep closed out of fear, survival instinct, loyalty to the origins. Ignored and yet under watch.

We met while fighting this ancient battle between the need to protect our past and that of puking it out.

And this encounter made it possible for us to find those rooms, to air them out, and thus living emotional geographies where words, sorrows and the inheritance of unresolved suffering wouldn’t allow us.

The outcome is a relational self-portrait: a self-portrait that is at the same time narrative of the one, of the other, and of the path we tread in this world.

A photographic experience of r-existence which allowed us to re-deem our story thanks to the retaining space-image offered by our relationship, and to develop our own negatives in the context of an intelligible, aware narrative – from which we could eventually part.