The selections to participate at the PSPF 2018 are open.

Deadline November 30, 2017

The photography projects selected will be exhibited at the PSPF 2018, to be held in Perugia from March 10th till April 8th.
The winners will be awarded with a Fujifilm X-T20 (18-55 mm)

The skin is the totality of a boundary surface.

It is between us and the world. And, in this sense, both as matter and as symbol, it is an expression of that “essential” separation from our environment and from one another, which is the foundation of being.

The notion of “I” begins exactly from our own skin. As the boundary tissue between the individual and the collective, our skin sends sensory messages that allow us to demarcate the internal world from the external one. We are as far as our sense of touch can reach, but we are also an “I” that touches, demarcates and, as such, learns. The construction of our own world is born out of this constant giving shapes and limits to the things that surround us, in the continuum between incorporating and distancing the otherness.

If distance represents a fundamental requirement of human existence, it is only its relativisation, or the temporary overcoming of such distance, which makes the encounter among people possible: only then do social relations begin, and the representation of identity becomes a being that’s identical to oneself, in the difference from others.

The skin is the symbol of such distance and of overcoming it, within the contact.

The skin’s integrity is threatened by the “external” nature and by the potential violence of others. And so it becomes the bearer of anxieties of an “internal” nature, which is the expressive vehicle of the psyche, of its emotional states as well as of its wounds. In this sense, the skin can be considered as an interactive element, which reacts to the inner world as well as to the external one.

Skin as identity, Skin as boundary, Skin as communication, Skin as relationship

This theme is connected with the work already carried out during the previous occasions of the PSPF: Social Photography as a means of exposure and reflection, of redemption of individual and collective identities, of giving voice to “outsiders” and therefore of social inclusion; Therapeutic Photography as a means of reactivation of the perception and of the inner personal stimulus, especially where communicative difficulties arise, which starts a process of self-awareness and self-exploration.

Scheduled Sections:

1 ) Social Photography;
2 ) Therapeutic Photography.

Submissions must be sent not later than November 30, 2017 (23.59 CET – Central European Time).

The official announcement of the winners will take place within the day December 15, 2017 via website, Facebook and the newsletter of the festival.

Regulations | DOWNLOAD PDF

1. Participation is open to all those who use photography as a tool of communication, analysis, or reflection. It is possible to participate as individuals and/or organized pairs or groups.

2. The number of photos to be submitted shall range from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20.

3. Images must be submitted as digital files with a resolution of 1080 pixels on the long side , at 72 dpi , colour or b / w , in JPG format.

4. The files must be named according to the following sequence: SURNAME_FIRST LETTER OF THE NAME_PROGRESSIVE NUMBER OF THE PHOTO. For example: Rossi_M_001.jpg ( for the first picture ) , Rossi_M_002.jpg (for the second picture), etc..

5. It is mandatory to attach an explanatory note concerning the project (max 4.000 characters, spaces included).

6. For Therapeutic Photography projects, it is also requested a brief description of the background and objectives of the project, the methodology used and the results obtained.

7. A brief biography of the author/s is also mandatory (max 3.000 characters, spaces included).

8. All the material (photos, project description, and resume) must be sent in a single compressed archive format Zip or Rar, of the maximum size of 25MB, identified with the title of the project. Archives of greater size and/or different formats will not be considered.

9. The participation contribution is € 15 (Euros).

10. Participation to the “Call for Entry” implies that the author/s is/are is given permission by the subjects portrayed to use their image; the author/s is/are solely responsible for the use of the images. Promoters of the PSPF will not be held responsible for any controversies on this point.

11. The rights of the works shall remain the property of the author.

12. Submission of photos to the “Call for Entry” automatically authorizes Association LuceGrigia to use both single images and entire projects for the promotion of the Festival, and thus implies agreement that selected works may be reproduced and published, at discretion of the PSPF management, in the catalogue of the Festival and other possible publications, on the PSPF website and communication channels (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ), with explicit reference to the author’s name and photo project .

13. Submissions must be sent not later than November 30th, 2017 (23.59 CET – Central European Time).

14. Projects will be evaluated by a Committee consisting of: the organizers of the Perugia Social Photo Festival, Loredana De Pace, a journalist specialized in photography, Fausto Podavini, photographer and Aldo Soligno, photographer.

15. Two (2) projects only will be selected, in the sole and absolute judgment of the Committee (one for the Social Photography section and one for the Therapeutic Photography section) provided that they meet the following requirements: respond to the theme of the PSPF; conformity to the mission of the PSPF.

16. Selected projects will be printed by PSPF and formally exhibited during the Festival.

17. The winners will be awarded with the photocamera Fujifilm X-T20 with 18-55 mm lens.

18. The works will not be returned to their author/s, but they will be kept by the Association LuceGrigia. Authors can ask for the printed copies of their works to be sent back, after the Festival’s closing, at their own expense.

19. Selected photographers commit themselves to deliver high-resolution images suitable for 40×60 cm printing format for the exhibition not later than January 15th, 2018

20. Privacy Association LuceGrigia declares that the data collected will be treated in accordance with the resolution passed by art. 10 of Law 675/96 – “Protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data” and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree no. 30 June 2003, 196, and they can be viewed, modified, updated, or deleted at any time. Association ” LuceGrigia ” in the person of its President, is the owner of the data. Each applicant expressly authorizes the PSPF Organization Offices to process sensitive personal data, also for inclusion in databases. Personal data will be used for purposes related to the “Call for Entry”, the exhibition and publication of works, including non-winners, and communication of future notices or information related to the activities of this or future Perugia Social Photo Festival(s). This will be done in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Code.

21. Submission to the “Call for Entry” entails full and implicit acceptance of all the terms and rules given above.