The Perugia Social Photo Fest THE SKIN I LIVE 2018 “CALL FOR ENTRY”  ended with a huge success. A total of 141 projects from 22 countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, England, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United States).

The jury composed by Antonello Turchetti (director of the Perugia Social Photo Fest, representing the association ‘LuceGrigia’), by Fausto Podavini (photographer), by Loredana De Pace (journalist specializing in photography) and by Aldo Soligno (photographer), has selected the winning projects and has assigned honorable Mentions. The projects that received the honorable mention will be published in the digital magazine PLS MAGAZINE.

The jury assigned a special prize in the therapeutic photography section.

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Constanza Portnoy | "Life Force"


Best project “Social Photography”

In the project “Life Force”, by Constanza Portnoy, the normality wins, despite the evident disability of both parents. What prevails is the possibility of doing, of being a family: a nucleus where the author has been able to immerse herself, telling the dynamics of everyday life. The pictures show forms that interact with each other, a different view different from what we are used to, –and rather than inducing to a sense of pietas, they serve the daily gestures of the family life of the three protagonists: mother, father and daughter takes place.

SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY | Honorable mention

Karl Mancini

“Ni una menos”

The reportage by Karl Mancini alternates purely photojournalistic features with more intimate ones, where the strong protection falls apart and the pain as result of the violence, come to the surface. Portraits, familiar scenes and mutual circumstances alternated with balance.

Julia Gunther


The images of the project “Chedino” are very strong, straight, without filters. It is a story about an unconditional, total transformation as described in the photographs, step by step, by the author Julia Gunther.



Best project “Therapeutic photography”

“Für mich” means “For me”. Sina Niemeyer wrote this courageous memoire of the violence she suffered, just for herself. Exactly as one writes with the pen, the author uses fragments of memory, short expressions that are as meaningful as heart-breaking, symbols of the rip she suffered, of the hurting caused by the abuses received. The narration takes the form of a mapping of the consequences, of what happened to herself/her body before and after, of the very existential of her that she puts back together with great ability and courage thanks to the photography.


Federica Sasso | “Sick Sad Blue

Federica Sasso shows the layers of Chiara’s anomalous relationship with her own body, using different languages, classic and modern ones, that harmonically interact: “pure” images,  collages on the diaries then photographed, passing through the screenshot of Instagram. An intimate and strongly emotional vision.


Daniel Regan


Always autobiographical, with this work of self-representation, Daniel Regan tries to reconstruct a new skin starting from the one that formed him – willing or not – because of his illness. The pages of the medical records are transformed into skin on which the author investigates moving from total to detail, and which tries to overcome and transform once again into something new and more his.

The same scenario, staged situation, central composition: in this set Egle Picozzi puts on the scene the unwanted effects of her illness, multiple sclerosis. She does it like a modern Alice in a land that could be wonderful given the setting, but a deeper view proves to be obsessive and revealing.

Olga Boltneva

Infertility II

As we are in the awareness of infertility: this wants to tell Olga Boltneva in her intimate and effective project. Places, faces and symbols – sometimes delicate, others determined and strong – all carefully chosen and matched, manifest the desire, and the absence of the possibility of realizing it.