Call for Entry 2016 – awarded projects

The Perugia Social Photo Fest BLINDSPOT 2016 “CALL FOR ENTRY”  ended with a huge success.

In total 177 proposals from 17 countries (Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Japan, Germany, Britain, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Hungary, USA). In particular, 139 projects for the “Social photography ” section  and 38 projects presented in the “Therapeutic photography” section.

The jury composed by Antonello Turchetti (director of the Perugia Social Photo Fest, representing the organizing association ‘LuceGrigia’), by photographer Fausto Podavini (winner of the Word Press Photo 2013) and by Loredana De Pace (journalist specializing in photography), has selected the winning projects and has assigned honorable Mentions.

The jury awarded a special prize in the therapeutic photography section.


Best project  “Social Photography” section

With the project Egon Sara Casna reveals a delicate ability to deal, without rhetoric, with a fiercely debated as well as actual subject, although not well thought out of the intimacy of the household, the eyes of the protagonists, the difficulty of the change itself: before photographing Egon’s transsexuality, Sara lives it as a discrete witness. And you can see that in the way she tells her story through the straight, unfiltered images, and instead of cleaning up the scene, chose a form of primary documenting photography, motivated by the desire to impeccably transcribe all those gradual and painful steps that take Egon to the new life, like in a family album.

SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY | Honorable mention

Claudia Gori

My name is Camilla and I love my life

Denys Vorobiov

Don’t say MAMA


Best project “Therapeutic photography” section

TIA by Mauro Battiston stands for perfectly being able to express the synergies between the author’s intentions, the project development and the therapeutic outcome of the same. Battiston shoots to find help when his health conditions are dramatically poor; he works then on post production digging from his subconscious and coming out  with colorful, vivid images that he overlays to the photos taken earlier when he was hospitalized.

These photos are not taken with the eyes only: they are traced back from consciousness, from the inner soul in order to make clarity in a brain confused by the disease. The result is so powerfully extraordinary to “cure” a little even those who look at these photographs.


Someone would officially announce: “to the unquestionable decision of the jury.” And in fact the jury that has evaluated, studies, discussed and decided about the winners of the Call for the PSPF2016 have also realized how important it was to reward – with an exhibition at the 2016 edition of the Festival – another approach to therapeutic photography, different and equally effective as the work Distant & Close by Alla Mirovskaya express. The project marks the proximity and the distance of a complex relationship like the one between a mother and a daughter, and does it with determination, power and lyrical substance.


Sandra Sordini

Prestami i tuoi occhi

Katharina Bauer

In the Cocoon