“The One Project”

I Have always been told that I see things differently than most people, and I believe this to be true. Photography has allowed me to take advantage of my unique perspective, pairing it with my experience and literary ability to provoke positive social change in the world and in myself. Loneliness is a fundamental issue that everyone must deal with throughout life in their own way; it is often the root cause for bullying, depression, and suicide. The photographs displayed here are from The One Project, which I started in 2010. It is a project to inspire people out of depression and into their dreams by helping people understand the misconceptions of loneliness through media and interaction. Each photo tells a story unique to the character, revealing a personalstruggle often related to loneliness, depression, or mental health. whether your loneliness stems from a broken relationship, or a denial of your true self—I want to evoke these trapped emotions and help provoke change in people’s lives. I achieve this through pairing each photograph with a short literary work, extending what I have learned through reIlecting on society and my personal struggles. The One Project is a conglomeration of wisdom concerning loneliness. In “The Lavish Facade,” the story of the man is simple: money doesn’t buy happiness. The expansive house may look great from the outside, but it is all a cover for his loneliness. The photograph gives the viewer a look inside his life after hours, when the act can be put on hold until the next day. A vital part of The One Project is the community and interaction that follows the media. After personal reIlection, it is important to share our thoughts and experiences with those around us—starting a conversation about our struggles can help us to grow. then, we can use our inspiration to inspire others. I encourage you to join the conversation and community at www.bryceevans.ca/theoneproject.