“When an angel come to visit”

When an angel comes to visit is a self-portrait photo series that chronicles the path I lived from the time I was diagnosed with cancer.

An introspection exercise facing the camera which reveals the inner evolution I experienced along my healing. These images, first and foremost, dignify and ennoble the human being in all its dimensions, show its inner strength ,extols its sacredness  and embraces the reunion with its own essence.

The magic of the work mainly lies in the uncertainty caused by finding merged in it an evidence of an illness, the expression of universal themes – as death, birth, love and spirituality – and a loving and reconciling gaze towards human being.

An intimate work, full of serenity and silence that invites contemplation, knowledge and understanding of the human being beyond stereotypes and beliefs, and that brings the spiritual from the religious spaces to the expository ones.

In gratitude to the sponsors who through crowdfounding have made ​​the production and exhibition of this work and to The Private Space for their special engagement and commitment to it.